Along with narratives, traditions and rituals, Iran’s ancient history can be traced through its vast array of handicrafts – and not just the fames carpets.. Of the 600 major handicrafts that have been included in UNESCO’s heritage register, nearly 300 of them are Iranian – and 242 of them are produced in Isfahan.
Iran is among the top 10 producers of handicrafts and examples of Iranian handicrafts, ancient and modern, can be found in important museums around the world.
While carpets are the best known of Iranian handicrafts, artisans and designers continue other ancient traditions of crafting decorative and functional items from fabric, wood, metal and clay. And, like Persian carpet designs, their range and variety reflect Iran’s cultural and climatic diversity and the influence of more recent artistic fashions and trends.
Iran Handicrafts tours provide exceptional opportunities for collectors, experts, scholars, merchants, producers and other interested people to access artisanal workshops, retailers and museums, to meet master craftsmen and women and observe and participate in demonstrations and training courses.
We offer a range of flexible and diverse tours which can be tailored to meet your particular needs. As well as visiting workshops, shops and museums and meetings with craftspeople, we can also arrange visas, accommodation, expert guides and interpreters, transportation and sightseeing and other opportunities.
Collectors, artistic intermediaries, researchers, professors, researchers and

Mr. Behrouz Seifollahi

Handicraft master, teacher, researcher and qualified examiner of leather painting.
Now 58 years old, Berouz began his training in leather painting with famed master, Shahroukh Shahbazi when he was 18 years old. He now stands in the top rank of Iranian leather-painters.
Behrouz has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad. He is a senior member of the jewelry and ornament department in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and he is a leading juror in Iranian fashion and accessories exhibitions and competitions.

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