Ms. Fatemeh Fereidooni

I entered the tourism industry based on the belief that Iran has many stories untold and many treasures unrevealed to share generously with the world. After years of research and traveling all over the country from the largest cities to the remotest villages, I decided it is time to try and fulfill my old wish, i.e. sharing these values and these beauties.
A glance at the existing tours being offered by Iranian tourism industry shows that only a small portion of the potentialities are displayed and only a drop-size of the ocean of culture, art, history and nature of Iran is being represented. Iran is everything shown by others and much more. I, therefore, decided to put a step further not to content myself with the Iranian history or nature and to try to open a more expansive view before the eyes of my guests. That’s why you will find unique tours designed exclusively by me for the first time in Iranian tourism market. These tours include Iranian music tour, Hafiz Sufi tour, and Iranian ethnicities tour.
my aim is to cater for varied needs and tastes spanning from the most general to the most specialized hard-to-please tastes. Popular tours such as classic tours of major cities or very specialized tours such as historical trend of Iranian architecture are all operated so that any seeker of science, health, beauty, nature, culture and art can find what they desire in my tours. To achieve this goal, I enjoy the assistance of many of the best specialists in every area and a selected group of university professors accompany our specialized tours.
I am not alone and Mr. Hossein Nasr, the managing director of “Si-o-se polTravel agency supports me to organize the best possible tours for you.

Mr. Hossein Nasr and Si-o-se pol (33pol tours)

Established in 2014 by well-known Isfahan tourism identity, Hossein Nasr, and named with reference to the famed Allahverdi Bridge, 33poltours offers inbound visitors a range of tours guaranteed to cater for all tastes and needs.
With 22 years experience as a guide and tour operator, Hossein Nasr has a deep understanding of visitor needs, and the importance of providing reliable, responsible and value-for-money services. In recognition of the quality and reliability of its services for inbound tourists, 33poltours has been recognised as the best travel agency in Isfahan on 6 separate occasions.
Mr. Hossein Nasr is a key member of the technical assembly of the Isfahan Cultural Heritage Organization and the Iran Tour Operators Association.

Mr. Behrooz Seifollahi

Handicraft master, teacher, researcher and qualified examiner of leather painting.
Now 58 years old, Berouz began his training in leather painting with famed master, Shahroukh Shahbazi when he was 18 years old. He now stands in the top rank of Iranian leather-painters.
Behrouz has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad. He is a senior member of the jewelry and ornament department in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and he is a leading juror in Iranian fashion and accessories exhibitions and competitions.
You may find more about Mr. Behrouz Seifollahi and our Handicraft tours in the following link, iran handicraft tours

Mr. Mohammad Javad Karimi

My grandfather and my father have worked in Bazaar and were carpet businessmen. Like all the Iranians, I have been engaged with carpet since my birth and throughout my life and maybe after the words “mother” and “father”, I’ve heard a lot of the word “carpet”. I went to sleep in my grandfather’s carpet weaving workshop with the sound of comb on the carpet looms and all my childhood and youth memories are tied up with the carpet. The carpet was a string that connected me to the world around me, and it is the source of life for me and my family. When I was a kid, I went to the mountains and plains with my father to buy wool from the tribes. As a young man, as my father’s representative, I was in charge of the delivery of wool and giving carpet loops to the carpet weaving women in the home workshops. When the school was closed, I started carpet trade beside my father and eventually the dream of being owner of a carpet store in Grand Bazaar of Tehran came true. I established my carpet cleaning workshop around Tehran several years ago so that I could prepare all the carpets ordered by my father and the colleagues there.

Today, after living more than 36 years with carpet, I am cooperating with Fatemeh as carpet tour advisor. “The Carpet” and “Iran” cannot be separated from each other.  Every Iranian is born on the carpet and dies on the carpet. “The Carpet” represents the Iranian identity and indicates the social class and even the psychological and mental state of an Iranian. The one who has the silk carpet made in Qom, and the one who has the woolen carpet made in Birjand, are very different from each other. I am here to guide you through the experience of mine, my father and grandfathers in understanding Iran’s carpet and introduce “Iran” to you through “the carpet”, and this is the most beautiful path.

Should you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact me via website: iran handicraft tours

Engineer Hamid Feizi

Mr. Hamid Feizi, Eng., is an agricultural expert with 25 years of work experience in private and public sectors of Iran including Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, Iranian Pistachio Association, and in companies active in production, processing and export of agricultural products. Eng. Hamid Feizi during work activity mainly focus on garden products particularly pistachio, pomegranate and other garden products. During duration of his work while following up matters related to planting, cultivation and harvesting of agricultural products has served as the Head or a member of pollutants codex , toxics remainders and plant pesticides committees of Iran and he regularly and consistently participated in international conferences. He also has 5 years of work experience in FAO projects in Iran. One of other expertise fields of the above-named is Quality Management Systems in producing agricultural products (GAP) and in agricultural packaging and processing units (HACCP) and (ISO22000).
You may find more about Engineer Hamid Feizi and our Agriculture tours in the following link, iran agriculture tours

Nader Souri

My father is a scholar, and he follows natural remedies through food programs and aromatic herbs, and from my childhood I had the privilege of accompanying my father in the pastures and the farms and participating in the playful gathering of plants, and I slowly knew them. By the time I was around twenty, I accompanied my father in processing sections such as preparing distillates, essence, hand-made tablets, handmade pills, ointments, vegetable oils, etc.
And so I understood that plants are miraculously contained life … the most common example is that they produce oxygen and are rich in very diverse food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hygiene, industrial, art properties and effects, etc.

I studied filmmaking and photography when I was young, and I worked in filmmaking and artistic affairs, including in the field of anthropology, along with several anthropologist groups. About 5 years, I followed research studies, including ethnobotany. A diverse collection of documentary and reporting films and photographs are the result of that period. We have built and maintained a permaculture farm of aromatic and medicinal plants. This farm is known as Firouzeh Garden with collections of about 200 plant species.

In Firouzeh Garden, besides training activities, we produce and supply a variety of most used aromatic and medicinal plants as seeds, seedlings, pots and dried plants.

I hope to see you later
I wish you the happiest moments

Ms. Sayeh Shoar

Merhaba, benim adım Sayeh, Tebriz’den ve ipek halı işinde geçmişi olan bir aileden geliyorum. Aslında Tehran üniversitesi’nden kimya dalında doktora derecem var. İran’ı iyi tanıdığım için ve Türkiye ile de çok ilgilendiğim için, Türk dilini iyi konuşuyorum ve 33 pol ajansının temsilcisi olarak, Fatima’yla giriş turlar bölümünde birlikte çalışıyoruz. 10 yıl önce Fatima’yi tanıdım ve onunla birlikte gezmelere başladık ve İran’da baya bir dolaştık ve onunla İran’ı iyi tanıdım. Türkiye’nin kültürel, dilbilimsel ve etnik yönlerine olan bağlantılarımız için, Fatima’nin işbirliği önerisini severek kabul ettim. Umarım iki sevgili ülkeyi tanımak için küçük bir adım atabilirim.
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