I, Arash Amini, 43-year-old, was fond of fishing and fishes since childhood. My first experiences in catching fish dates back to pre-primary school years, when I tried to catch small fishes in the family camps by creating a small way in the rivers and I took some fishes to our house in a bowel. When I was 9-year-old I have experienced my first fishing by fastening a hook to a stick and a little bread without any training and I could catch a black fish in one of the rivers in the province of Kerman. Afterwards, fishing became an integral part of my existence. Since the year of 1996, by buying fishing reel and rod, my fishing entered a new era. My first experience of fishing in saltwater occurred in the boat in 2001.

     Currently, I have been able to perform sport fishing and record 81 different species of fishes and I intend to become the first Iranian who records catching 100 different species of fishes in the world.  

     Since the year 2019, I am the head of The Sports Fishing Training Committee of Iran. During this period of time, I succeeded in developing educational curricula for sport fishing coaching, as well as developing a training manual and regulations for this field. For the first time, I held the sport coaching course under the supervision of Sport for All Federation in Iran and I taught the specialized courses for 37 hours out of 60 hours of training courses as an instructor.

     I, as the instructor and guide, have accompanied many Iranian and foreign enthusiasts and I tried to publish my experiences as articles.

Now I have the certificate of sport fishing coaching as well as instructorship action of this sport from Sport for All Federation.

My specialized field is Jigging in saltwater, but I am proficient in most of the fishing methods and techniques except fly fishing.

I will be glad to answer your questions through this e-mail: info[at]iranwithfatemeh[.]com