Fatemeh Fereidooni

I entered the tourism industry based on the belief that Iran has many stories untold and many treasures unrevealed to share generously with the world. After years of research and traveling all over the country from the largest cities to the remotest villages, I decided it is time to try and fulfill my old wish, i.e. sharing these values and these beauties.
A glance at the existing tours being offered by Iranian tourism industry shows that only a small portion of the potentialities are displayed and only a drop-size of the ocean of culture, art, history and nature of Iran is being represented. Iran is everything shown by others and much more. I, therefore, decided to put a step further not to content myself with the Iranian history or nature and to try to open a more expansive view before the eyes of my guests. That’s why you will find unique tours designed exclusively by me for the first time in Iranian tourism market. These tours include Iranian music tour, Hafiz Sufi tour, and Iranian ethnicities tour.
my aim is to cater for varied needs and tastes spanning from the most general to the most specialized hard-to-please tastes. Popular tours such as classic tours of major cities or very specialized tours such as historical trend of Iranian architecture are all operated so that any seeker of science, health, beauty, nature, culture and art can find what they desire in my tours. To achieve this goal, I enjoy the assistance of many of the best specialists in every area and a selected group of university professors accompany our specialized tours.
I am not alone and Mr. Hossein Nasr, the managing director of “Si-o-se polTravel agency supports me to organize the best possible tours for you.

If you need further information, please contact me through this e-mail: info[at]iranwithfatemeh[.]com